S.A. board meeting


SUNY Oswego’s Lanigan Hall | Justine Polonski

February 25, 2015

OSWEGO, N.Y. – The Student Association held its fourth meeting of the semester Tuesday at 6 p.m. With 12 senators present at roll call, the number needed to make quorum was satisfied.

Jillian Kranz, senate president and SA vice president called the meeting to order and the minutes from last week and the agenda for the current night’s meeting were approved.

There was one guest to the senate. Christy Somers, general manager at WTOP, made a presentation to support a request for funding for upgrading WTOP to high-definition programming. The new system will cost approximately $400,000 and is expected to be cost-beneficial and last for at least a decade.

Sen. Tyler Jodeit will work with SA President Tucker Sholtes and WTOP on a bill that will support part of the cost of the upgrade. Kranz mentioned that the administration wants SA to take the lead in supporting this before writing a check because WTOP is its own organization.

“WTOP is not just a club, it’s a business,” Somers said. “We have the opportunity to provide a service to the community, and therefore, it is important to stay current with technology. This upgrade will benefit the quality of our product, and also increase viewership throughout Oswego County.”

There was no public comment to be heard.

In executive orders, SA President Sholtes could not be present at the meeting due to illness and therefore the announcement of who will be performing at the spring concert was postponed.

SA Director of Finance Elena Sanchez-Freeman spoke about a proposed increase to the athletics fee to help increase the salaries of SUNY Oswego’s coaches.

There will also be two fewer home hockey games scheduled for next semester in an effort to save money, according to Sanchez-Freeman.

She stressed that while the fee increase will not affect current students, its approval is still vital.

“We are an entity and we have to support each other,” Sanchez-Freeman said.

Chief of Staff Ryan Hopf announced the arrival of apparel forms and said that orders can now be placed.

There were reports from the hall council meetings of Funnelle, Seneca, and the Village. Last Sunday, Funnelle met and discussed plans to hold a male fashion show, a field day, cupcake-decorating events, and “Funnelle Feud.”

Bacon Fest will be held on March 7 in Pathfinder Dining Hall. Seneca Hall wants to form a Relay for Life team and has requested a new ping pong table.

An Academy Awards party was held in the Village on Sunday night.

There was no new legislation.

During the senator issues forum, Sen. Gabrielle Reimann addressed the issue of directors and members of the board leaving before the formal adjournment of meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

The SA meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Lanigan 102, and students are encouraged to attend meetings.

Board Meeting Story

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