National news veteran joins faculty


Screenshot of The Oswegonian article written by Justine Polonski

September 21, 2012

OSWEGO, N.Y. – This semester Oswego State opens its arms in welcome to Garrick Utley, an esteemed broadcast journalist and the newest member of the School of Communications, Media and the Arts faculty.

Garrick Utley has done everything an aspiring broadcast journalist could ever hope to accomplish in their career. He has led a full life, accomplishing a lot over a relatively short span of time.

Utley has reported from more than 75 different countries around the globe. His journalistic endeavors have led him to employment with NBC, CNN, and ABC among others. He anchored for NBC ‘Nightly News,’ hosted the Sunday edition of the ‘Today Show,’ was a contributor for CNN and acted as Chief Foreign Correspondent for the London-based ABC News. He also authored, “You Should Have Been Here Yesterday.” Utley has also received many of the most respected honors in broadcast journalism, including the prestigious George Foster Peabody award.

Utley began working for the SUNY system in 2003, when he began serving as a founding president for the Levin Institute of the State University of New York. He remained at the Levin Institute for eight years.

“The SUNY Levin Institute’s mission is to support New York’s and the nations’ economic and social vitality through innovative and competitive responses to the challenges and opportunities in today’s global economy,” Utley said. “We develop learning models to help students and working professionals acquire the skills needed in the 21st century.”

Garrick Utley’s newest project is located here at Oswego State. This semester, Utley was appointed to the staff of the School of Communications, Media and the Arts. Utley is conducting a seminar entitled “Broadcast News: Its History and its Future,” or BRC 450. The course is aptly named, as it takes an in-depth look at the past, present and future of broadcast journalism.

The seminar currently enrolls 11 students, all of whom are juniors and seniors.

“This smaller size allows students to interact with each other as well as with the instructor and guest experts who meet with the class to share their real-world experiences,” Utley said.

The seminar is different than most of the classes offered at Oswego State. First, many of the sessions are held via video conference with Utley from New York City. Utley is not always on campus personally; therefore, he often conducts the seminar from there.

“And it also differs in that in addition to assigned papers and seminar reports, learning comes through discussion led by the instructor,” said Utley.

The students that are enrolled in the seminar seem to find it to be worthwhile.

“This class is all about interaction, conversations and sharing your opinion whenever you want,” said Oswego State senior Nicole Lacy. “I feel like I am learning so much more from this class because it has a laid back kind of atmosphere and I’m not just sitting in a classroom taking notes.”

“In my opinion, the traditional class is important in many ways,” said Oswego State senior Anthony DeMario. “But some things are just better learned working and developing in the field through internships and possible job opportunities. This class allows you to gain traditional class knowledge as well as things you would learn in an internship.”

“My goal is to build a good seminar course to help students prepare for their lives and careers in the profession,” Utley said. “An important part of this is to draw on the media and broadcast professionals in New York City to enrich the seminar experience. I look forward to other teaching and other activities to support the School of Communications as well as the campus as a whole.”

Not only are members 0f Oswego State glad to have Garrick Utley as the newest addition to the communications department, but he has reciprocated this feeling.

“I am thrilled to have joined the faculty at Oswego,” Utley said. “The school has a great reputation. I will be on campus frequently and look forward to meeting and working with more faculty colleagues and students. And, I should say that I am very impressed with the caliber of the School of Communications, Media and the Arts, the faculty I have met as well as the students in the seminar.”

Garrick Utley Article

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