“Chasing Life” review

March 21, 2015

OSWEGO, N.Y. – “Chasing Life” is a television show on ABC Family (now Freeform) that put viewers around the globe on an emotional roller coaster in the finale of the first season on March 23, 2015.

The main character, April Carver, is an up-and-coming journalist for a Boston newspaper who is in her mid-20s and seemingly has her whole life ahead of her. April is diagnosed with leukemia in the first episode of the series, and the story of her life post-diagnosis becomes the focus for the show.

April’s family members play large roles in her life. Her mother, Sara Carver, is a therapist and has a very close relationship with her throughout the show. April’s teenage sister, Brenna Carver, is also very close to her. George Carver is April’s uncle who happens to be an oncologist. He proves to be of much help over the course of April’s illness, and becomes increasingly close to the family he had been estranged from just a short time ago. April’s sister-like best friend is Beth Kingston. Beth helps April through the tough times in her life including things she’d rather not bring to her mother’s attention.

This show seemed like it might be a lot to handle when I first heard about it because of the serious illnesses that the characters would encounter over the course of the show starting with the pilot episode where April is diagnosed with leukemia. In reality, the show’s writers do an impressive job keeping the show balanced between heartbreaking and positive moments. This show is one of ABC Family’s most realistic shows, and also deals with serious issues.

Beth’s character can be a bit insensitive without realizing it, and this always makes me cringe. She’ll say something about death not remembering just how real of a possibility that is for April in her newfound illness. April always laughs it off and tries to make Beth feel better about the situation, but as a viewer, it’s easy to empathize.

“Chasing Life” is a story about the life, love, and laughter of a young woman who saw her life flash before her eyes when she was diagnosed with a serious illness, and it was a lot shorter than she had once imagined it would be. This show does a great job of portraying the happy moments as well as the more serious ones to make for a good television show.

Chasing Life Review

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