Kim Davis: what to know

September 13, 2015

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Kim Davis is a woman whose name has constantly been in headlines for the past week with updates on a story that continues to either disgust or fascinate, (or some combination of the two) most of the American public.

As almost everyone already knows, the story started when Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, was caught refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She was held in contempt of court and jailed on Sept. 3, and her attorneys appealed the decision on Sept. 6.

Davis was freed from jail on Tuesday, and she walked out of the prison to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

As Newsweek puts it, “Davis took to the stage alongside Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and her attorney, Mat Staver. The trio raised their held hands as the lyrics “did my time, took my chances” rang out.”

Her lawyers announced Wednesday that Davis will return to work in the office on Monday. They left unsaid whether she will comply with the order to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Jim Peterik, who co-wrote the song “Eye of the Tiger” for Survivor, said Wednesday that he had not given permission to Davis to walk out to the song, and his publisher would issue a cease and desist order against her.

On Friday, Davis filed a motion with the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to allow her to continue to block same-sex marriage licenses. She argued that all of the same-sex couples who had sued her had received marriage licenses from the deputies in her office in her absence (who had been granting same-sex marriage licenses), so she should not be required to provide them once she returns to work.

Sources Sunday said that a billboard had been erected in Davis’ hometown mocking her about blocking same-sex marriages. The billboard reads, “Dear Kim Davis, the fact that you can’t sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we’ve already redefined marriage.”

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