Taylor Clock feature

May 2, 2015

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Taylor Clock won the Aulus W. Saunders service award for the spring 2015 semester for his exceptional assistance of everyone who asked for help in the art department at SUNY Oswego.

Clock’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) show exhibit opened on April 6.

“The BFA show was a nice way to show off the work that I’ve been able to produce, and it was nice to get all the work ready for one event,” Clock said. “I made a photography portfolio of my series of photographs made over the last year and a half or so. And, after I had it put together (I put it together chronologically) I was able to see this massive growth in the way I was thinking about photography, from the very basics of, ‘okay, let’s tell a story with these photographs’ to starting to look more at abstraction for the purpose of the concept, and the concept and the image started coming together much more easily.”

Clock said his proudest accomplishments were the work that went into the BFA show and the service award that he was presented at the show.

After he graduates in May, Clock wants to go back to school to get his Master of Fine Arts in photography so he can teach it at a college level.

“I’ve also gotten a lot of joy out of teaching people and helping people understand things that I understand (in this case photography),” Clock said. “And, I know that there’s so much more out there to learn that I feel like I’d be shorting myself if I didn’t go out there and get that next level of education to then share my understandings of this knowledge with future generations to come.”

Clock’s favorite thing about photography is using his camera, and using it to communicate with the world.

“My favorite thing about being a photographer is just using my camera and being able to use my camera to think about how the world works, and document its beauties but also question its abstractions,” Clock said. “I think the camera is an important tool for me that helps me see how things work and also it’s allowed me to question things. I see the world as this place with abstract rules and realities and I am able to use the camera to communicate my abstract interpretations of those rules and realities. This is all very abstract and conceptual, but it’s a way for me to get my personal voice out there and use the language, not written, but through images, to speak about the world that I currently live in.”

Clock has done multiple internships, been a teaching assistant for four different professors, worked as a lab attendant, and for multiple organizations both on campus and off.

Andrew Pugliese is the incoming editor-in-chief of The Oswegonian and worked with Clock on the staff while he was photography director this semester.

“Taylor is an asset to anyone…He goes above and beyond,” Pugliese said. “He takes what he was originally assigned to do and makes it 10 times better.”

“He gets THE shot,” Pugliese said.

Taylor Clock Feature Story

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