How class cancellations happen

December 8, 2015

Class Cancellations 1

SUNY Oswego in April when the snow was melting, the temperature had spiked and it looked like spring had begun and the next day there were conditions nearing whiteout. | Justine Polonski

OSWEGO, N.Y. – When SUNY Oswego decides to cancel classes for the university as a whole, there is a whole team of people that are involved before students receive the SUNY NY-ALERT notification that lets them know.

The final word comes from Deborah Stanley, the university president (or her designee.) But first, a local forecaster a SUNY Oswego-specific weather forecast that aids in the decision. Once the decision is made on Stanley’s part, the university’s office of communications and marketing takes over to get word out to the campus population. Continue reading

Tips for staying warm


Lake Ontario | Justine Polonski

February 7, 2013

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Oswego is known for its unusually harsh weather: strong lake-effect winds, large amounts of lake-effect snow and the occasional whiteout during the coming spring months. During the spring semesters at Oswego State, it is extremely important to stay warm in one way or another. There are many unique ways of keeping warm despite the frigid Oswego weather. Everyone has their own way to brave the cold temperatures. Continue reading