Winkworth’s adventure

September 5, 2013

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Summers are typically a time for adventure, fun, and spontaneity. Ted Winkworth took this idea, and he ran with it (or rather, he rode with it.) This summer, Oswego State’s former alcohol and other drug program coordinator embarked on the journey of a lifetime: an intercontinental motorcycle tour. The first few months of Winkworth’s trip have taken him all the way across the continental U.S.

Winkworth mapped out his journey so far yesterday, and realized how expansive it has been.

“It goes west, it goes north up to the Dakotas, and then it goes to Utah, and then back through Colorado to Tennessee, to Georgia and then back around the bottom of the United States, up the coast of California,” said Winkworth. “Then it was back through Utah, down to New Mexico, and then back to Tennessee, then up here. Yeah, it’s been insane. I did this and laughed about how pointless it all seems.” Continue reading