NY Capital Region

This is a collection of photographs taken in the field of landscape in my free time around the capital region of New York State. (Note: many of these are not the original file size.)


Sunset Time Lapse

This is a time lapse of a sunset on Lake Ontario that I took for my landscape photography class. The process was to take a first shot and record the settings and then take a set of shots every five minutes after that at a proper exposure and at the previously recorded settings.

’13 government shutdown

November 10, 2013

OSWEGO, N.Y. – The 2013 government shutdown is a topic that has the U.S. even more politically divided than usual, and many people still don’t know the effects of the shutdown and its aftermath.

Many of the known effects that were noted and previously predicted are either of social or economic nature, but the extent of even the known effects is still under scrutiny. Continue reading