Maggie Simone profile

February 23, 2015

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Maggie Lamond Simone has dealt with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) for her entire life. She did not know that there was a name for what she was going through until a few years back.

The release of her book entitled “Body Punishment,” detailing her struggles throughout her life marks the beginning of her journey into being able to openly talk about her illness. Continue reading


Light Work photos in college art gallery

February 13, 2015

Light Work in Syracuse offers SUNY Oswego some pieces of contemporary photography work for a showing, including a couple of which come from Paul Pearce, one of the university’s former photography professors.

OSWEGO, N.Y. – For the first half of February, SUNY Oswego housed a small portion of photography from Light Work in Syracuse, including two pieces from its own former photography professor, Paul Pearce.

The collection, entitled “Searching: Photography from the Collection of Light Work,” was curated by the Student Art Exhibition Committee, and features a variety of artists from Light Work’s collection of photography over the last 42 years, including multiple past and present members of the faculty of SUNY Oswego like Julieve Jubin, John Banasiak, and Paul Pearce among others. Continue reading

University declines to make a statement

February 13, 2015

OSWEGO, N.Y. – The university refuses to make a statement in the ongoing criminal investigation of the alleged rape committed by Abhay Pant of Hart Hall on Feb. 13.

Pant, a SUNY Oswego student from New Delhi, India, was arrested by University Police for first-degree rape in the early morning of that day.

According to a statement made to The Oswegonian by Director of Public Affairs Julie Blissert, “Pant allegedly entered the room of another resident and sexually assaulted the victim in the early morning hours of Friday.” Continue reading

Sabbatical leave

December 9, 2013

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Obtaining sabbatical leave at SUNY Oswego requires a lengthy process, but it’s questionable whether it’s sufficient when there are too few professors to teach a sufficient amount of class sections.

An example of a scenario where there are too few professors left to teach the needed sections of classes is the spring 2014 semester for students of the honors program. Continue reading


April 11, 2013

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Oswego State’s Office of Business and Community Relations has put forth a new program called ‘Thrive’ in an effort to improve both the Oswego State community and the community of Oswego as a whole in various ways.

Jeffrey Grimshaw is the director of the Office of Business and Community Relations, and has been a large contributor to Thrive. He has been involved in much of the program since the beginning.

“The Thrive project of the Office of Business and Community Relations is intended to elevate the engagement activities between SUNY Oswego and the greater Central New York community,” Grimshaw said. Continue reading

Adventure of a lifetime


Screenshot of The Oswegonian article written by Justine Polonski

April 26, 2013

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Ted Winkworth is the alcohol and other drug program coordinator at Oswego State. He is a graduate of the University at Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a graduate of Syracuse University with a master’s degree in community mental health counseling. He even studied psychology at Oswego State for a year during his undergraduate studies. Now he is about to begin a journey that will be a new and exciting departure from the norm.

As the alcohol and other drug program coordinator, Winkworth works with the Lifestyles Center in drug and alcohol prevention at the university, and has been doing that for about three and a half years. However, Winkworth will be leaving his position at Oswego State after the end of this semester in order to embark on an intercontinental motorcycle tour. Continue reading